PikStik AquaTong 32" SKU A322

$ 21.99

This aquatic PikStik means you'll never have to touch water again! 

Available in three sizes: 26" (A262), 32" (A322), and 48" (A482).

*Suction cup tips are an available option, sold separately*

  • The AquaTong has been specifically designed for the water gardening, aquatics, restaurant safety, and reptile pet industries.
  • The AquaTong is strong, rust proof and durable for picking up objects in aquariums and its robust wide jaws can lift up to 5 lbs. in weight.
  • For both salt and freshwater applications, the soft replaceable tactile tips ensure ease of use and with minimal strain.
  • For a multitude of uses, the PikStik AquaTong is the ideal reaching and grabbing tool to stay dry and clean; whatever the task! 
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor use.


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