PikStik Pro 20" SKU P201

$ 23.99

The PikStik pro is not just for pros any more.

This reacher preferred by professionals is available to everyone. PikStik Pro is a multi-purpose reacher designed for all uses. Our patented design is strong, lightweight, safe and available in multiple sizes.

Four sizes available: 20" (P201), 26" (P261), 32" (P321), and 48" (P481).

  • Made of durable thermoplastic resin, the textured tips provide non-slip gripping for all surfaces.
  • Patented jaws rotate 360 degrees to pick up objects from any angle.
  • Wide 5 ½” jaws pick up larger objects better than any other reacher.
  • Designed for ultimate safety with no sharp edges to cause pinching.
  • Multi-flex dimple design on overmold provides no-slip gripping from any angle.
  • Pentagon jaws allow larger objects to be moved safely.
  • One-piece molded jaw housing will never separate.
  • Unparalleled dual vault channel design provides extreme shaft strength.
  • Patented trigger multiplies gripping strength.
  • Can pick up items weighing up to 5 pounds.

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